Painting in Oils

This is a course for those of you who have already done a bit of painting using Oils but you want to know how to improve on what you are doing. These Thursdays are a mixture of learning the methods and approaches of other painters, and learning what it is that interests you about oil painting

  • Thursdays, 23 January,
  • Thursday, 6th and 27th February,
  • Thursday, 5th and 19th March,
  • with Chris Davis
  • £80/class or £375/5 classes bought in advance

Finding your own way forward is the hardest thing. Exploring different work by other artists will help you discover your own voice. You can see further ‘on the shoulders of giants’.

intermediate oil painting

As an intermediate painter in oils you are ready to build on what you have learnt in beginners classes and masterclasses. You might want to experiment in new areas, or be encouraged to try methods as yet unknown.

The picture attached to this course description is by Andre Derain – it may appear to be way beyond what you can do at the moment. However, over this course you will learn how to adopt various aspects of work by artists you admire.

The materials for this course are not set in stone. Make sure you have a range of paints, solvents, medium, rags, brushes, supports, palette etc. Chris Davis will set a number of exercises for you to do each day; you will need a few ‘cheap’ supports for these. Oil painting paper, MDF gessoed board, or an old picture re-cycled would each be fine.

  • MDF gessoed boards up to 60×45 cm or gessoed canvas
  • Block of Oil paper of similar size 
  • Oil paints of basic colours, including earth colours, black and white
  • Range of brushes
  • Palette knife
  • Medium – preferably mixed 50:50 e.g linseed oil and white spirit, or Gamblin Galkyd and Gamsol
  • Paper towel and rags for cleaning brushes and wiping back paint
  • Twin dipper for holding medium along with palette/ palette paper block
  • Masking tape, bulldog clips and clingfilm


There is a basic oil painting basket with CASSART on our materials page. You might find this handy, and you get a 10% discount.

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