This knot is NOT what you will be doing
  • Tuesday 17th March, 2.00 – 5.00 pm
  • No experience of yoga, or art needed
  • £40/session
  • with Kate Measham


How does it feel to draw a line?

When new students come to art classes one of the most common comments is, “but I can’t draw”. I say that you CAN. It is as natural as stretching your arm.

In this class you will think about your body as you draw a line. Yoga helps to put you in touch with how your entire body ‘feels’ – do the muscles contract here? where is my balance focused? am I tense, or relaxed? From this you will be doing various drawing exercises. The results are exciting and open a new language of marks and expression.

This is a class suitable for all abilities. I recommend it to anyone.


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