River Retreat

  • Tues 25th to Thursday 27th August, 2020
  • 10.00am to 4.30pm
  • £285/person
  • Mostly working outside by the river Dever, spacious studio with social distancing, separate entrance and exit, class limited to 8 people.

At Hampshire Art studio we are delighted to welcome Katie Sollohub, First Prize winner of the 2020 Derwent Drawing Prize, announced in April this year. This is a deserving accolade for her ongoing commitment to her work, through exploratory practice. Join her on this River Retreat Drawing Workshop and share her excitement and enthusiasm for drawing.

Give yourself time to draw, drawing time, as the river passes; observe ripples of light on water, feel the cold depth, the movement, the flickering colour in reflections, the world above and below the surface, the bends and twists of the river.

Spend 3 days in this idyllic riverside studio, as close to the water’s edge as you could be. You will be able to work inside and out, with plenty of space. Sitting, watching, listening, reflecting, writing, drawing – in quiet contemplation, responding to all the senses.

Listen to the sounds, breathe in the smells, stay present to the sensation of being there, engaged with the art of looking, sensing, drawing. Katie will be using guided meditation and mark-making exercises to help you settle into the space, find your own connection, use your breath and body to lead the process of drawing, through all the senses. 

During the course you can expect to fill a concertina sketchbook, inspired by the river, full of ideas for you to take away as a finished piece, or as a source of inspiration for your own work in the future. You will also be making a series of larger A1/A2 drawings and mixed media studies where you can really experiment, dare to be big and bold.

And All was Light

Materials for Katie Sollohub’s River Retreat Drawing Workshop

The Covid-19 virus measures mean we would like you to bring your own materials, picnic lunch, and coffee mugs and jars for water, ink, paint. There are chairs, tables, easels, boards for your use and we will make sure there are ample sanitisers, soap, and wipes.


  • Drawing materials – especially will charcoal
  • also pencils, pens, chalks (B&W)
  • inks – mainly black/Monochrome
  • black and white paint – gouache and acrylic
  • rubber
  • rags, kitchen towel
  • brushes and sponges
  • water pots and ink pots, palettes
  • glue and scissors, craft knife
  • masking tape (string – optional)
  • paper and sketchbooks – bring anything you like to work with for smaller studies, we will provide larger A1 paper
  • small drawing board if needed (we provide larger boards)
  • The studio provides:
  • A1 paperlarge rolls of paper
  • boards and easels
  • tea and coffee (please bring your own if you feel happier)
  • concertina sketchbooks will be available to buy from Katie at £6 each

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