We are always delighted to welcome newcomers to our team and this term Kirstin White is joining to teach a thorough grounding in watercolours. She has taught various art classes and life drawing sessions in and around Winchester for many years.

Join Watercolour Painting, from the Beginning with Kirstin, starting Friday 23rd April, via ZOOM

Kirstin White is an enthusiastic and experienced art tutor who enjoys passing on her knowledge. Having spent her childhood in Longparish, an adjacent village to Bransbury, Kirstin trained at Salisbury College of Art between 1979 – 1982 and she now teaches regularly.

As a watercolourist, and especially during the height of the summer, Kirstin can often be seen working outside, at her easel. Accompanied by her spotty dog, she travels the UK painting and drawing. Predominantly working in watercolour, she branches off into mixed media to includes additional drawing media in her work. Have a look at Kirstin’s video of her work, especially the on-the-spot watercolours to catch a certain moment.

Kirstin paints rapidly and on-the-spot. She is often commissioned to paint at wedding receptions and other events such as parties, music festivals, fetes, fairs and shows. 

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