Join Sarah Chalmers for an exciting weekend of drawing and painting in ancient woodland between Stockbridge and Salisbury.

  • tutor, Sarah Chalmers
  • May 14th, 15th and 16th
  • from 6.00pm – 9.00pm on 14th, 10am – 5pm on 15th and 16th May
  • Picnic lunch will be provided
  • There will be a buffet supper around a bonfire to start the course
  • £275/pp to include picnic lunches and buffet supper on 14th May.
  • If you would like help finding somewhere to stay please contact

This course will be suitable for all abilities. It is site specific rather than about any particular materials. Weather permitting you will be outside. If it is very wet there is an open barn but you should dress warmly.

What to expect on WOODLAND with Sarah Chalmers

If you look at the wonderful work produced by Sarah Chalmers you will see the enthusiasm and joy she finds from working outside in the countryside. Join her to explore this woodland near Stockbridge, with its ancient oaks, yews, coppiced hazel, wild honeysuckle and many more delights. This area of ancient woodland is not open to the general public so you can find a special sort of tranquility.

Watch this short video with Sarah Chalmers discussing Charcoal

On the first evening, Friday 14th May, the group will congregate on site to explore the woodland, and have a buffet supper around a bonfire as darkness falls. Charcoal and ash from the bonfire can be used over the following days. We will have picnic lunches in the woods and tea and coffee will be readily available.

Hopefully the bluebells will be out, though this slightly depends on the weather. There is a large open barn in the wood should we need to hide from bad weather.

Sarah will set tasks that will lead you towards a piece of work that will describe your experience of being in the woods. This will vary from person to person. It is suitable for all abilities. The course is about the site rather than about specific materials.


More information will be sent nearer the time but we would suggest you work with materials that you feel reasonably confident in using.

  • something to sit on
  • a portable easel if you have one
  • warm clothes, or hat and sunscreen…slightly depends on the weather
  • sketchbook
  • BULLDOG clips…essential to counteract the slightest breeze
  • painting and drawing materials that you feel confident in using – don’t forget things like water, jam jars rubbish bag, solvent, glue…the choice is yours.

There is plenty of space to park your car so you can leave extra materials in the boot. The track to the woods is quite rough. Low slung vehicles can find the track tricky to negotiate.

Britain’s ancient woodlands are home to flora and fauna that are under pressure from all directions. The Woodland Trust protect and restore woodland, educate and inform the public, to enable us all to enjoy the benefit. If you follow the link to their website you can find their useful identification app, and more information about the charity

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