Join us drawing from afternoon into evening, using only candlelight as the light fades into dusk. Followed by an end of term FEAST

with Katie Sollohub

  • Tutor, Katie Sollohub
  • 4th December
  • 2.30 – 900pm,
  • £120/class, materials and FEAST
  • Studio
  • Including the FEAST, and drawing materials
  • Suitable for all
  • If you have any dietary requirements please tell us when you book.

What to expect on ‘Drawing by Candlelight, FEAST’

This is a celebration of drawing followed by a celebratory feast – eating the still life.

(Not sure this is quite the feast we planned…but they appear to be having fun)

When you arrive at the studio in the early afternoon you will be met by a table prepared for the evening feast and Katie Sollohub, your tutor, to guide you through the class.The Studio will be lit by natural light alone, from the large windows overlooking the River Dever. The drawing exercises will start with quick sketches of the ladened table and work towards a bigger piece.

As the light dims towards evening we will stop for tea, and to light the candles. You will continue to draw with only the guttering candles and the glow of the woodburning stove.

To finish the course students and tutor will gather at the table to review the work and feast together


These will be provided.

If you have any dietary anomalies we should be aware of, please inform us at time of booking.

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