An Inquisitive Person’s Introduction to Art

Beginner’s 6 month Intensive Art Course

This is a 6 month part time course covering a wide range of materials, skills and practise.

  • 6 months starting 20th September, 2021 – April 2022
  • Two ten week terms, with a week for half term after 5 weeks
  • Initial drawing week
  • Introductory courses to include: oil painting, water colour, acrylic, drawing, printing, mixed media and more
  • Off site visits for special projects
  • Self directed project work
  • Regular tutorials
  • Sketchbook and journal work
  • A group exhibition, organised and curated by the students will round off the course.
  • £4,000/course (payment options- please ask)

Starting on 20th September at our Studio in Bransbury this course will be taught by a number of tutors, all experts in their fields, and there will be a tutor for you personally to help you navigate your way through the course. You will be introduced to a number of different media, methods and skills. It will be a very exciting six months.

We encourage students to develop a creative mindset, with critical thinking, being open to taking risks, being endlessly inquisitive, and taking ownership of their work. This leads to confidence and motivation to take their art practise in whatever direction they wish.

The Introduction to Art course is an intensive 6 months, committing to two days a week, with an introductory drawing week ; throughout we champion drawing – it is a skill that can be taught – it stimulates creative thinking and observation. There will be ongoing homework and students will be expected to keep sketchbooks/journals. Students will work towards preparation for a cohort exhibition at the end of the course.

Materials will be provided for beginners courses but you will be expected to purchase your own materials as you progress through the course.  Materials will be available through Hampshire Art studio.

Regular tutor guidance in person and via What’s App is provided individually to each student.