Art, Creativity and Mindfulness

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Art, creativity and mindfulness are words often bundled together to describe the practise of “art”. Both mindfulness and creativity are ideas that we want to look at slightly more closely. A good place to start would be with dictionary definitions of the words.


  • a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.
  •  the quality, or state of being conscious, or aware of something.”mind the gap”, for example


  • the ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative

Often the catch-all phrase ‘let’s do something creative’ does not mean the same thing as the above definition, but, possibly, “let’s make something”, whether it is a cake, a painting, writing a novel or singing. This is in NO way a bad thing, but we want to be clear about what our two new courses are intended to address. There is an element of overlap, but when we asked ourselves who would want to take either of our two courses in this series we think these are how they are different.

Exploring Mindfulness in Art

This course is for anyone who has an interest in exploring mindfulness through art, and anyone seeking a way to help with anxiety through mindful art. We will be using art to make us more aware of how our thought cycles might impact our lives. We will encourage awareness through mindful focus.

No previous experience of art or mindfulness is needed.

Liberating your Creative Potential

This course is for those who want to find new direction in their work or those who are starting out and want to gain confidence to be creative through art. 

This course will teach you active experimental skills and processes to help you to enter into a natural, contemplative flow of creativity.   Understanding these processes will help you to consciously work at creating a space which inspires you both creatively and in your life in general.   Through an exploration of the senses, we will encourage you to go beyond preconceived ideas, out of your comfort zone and into a creative place that enables unexpected creative discovery. 

A range of mixed media approaches including drawing, painting, collage and 3D will be used to help the process.

This is suitable for anyone who wants help to allow their own creativity to flourish

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If you have found an article or blog that you found particularly interesting we would love to hear about it.