Art, Creativity and Mindfulness

with Dr Gail Loudon and Kate Measham

  • Tuesdays 23rd Feb, 2nd, 9th, and 16th March,
  • 2.30pm – 5.30pm
  • At the Studio, Bransbury
  • £220/course

The past few months have drawn attention to the challenges that anxiety, of any sort, can bring to bear on all our lives.

Mindfulness, art and creativity can help with stress reduction, loss of confidence and that feeling of losing control. If you are a creative person these feelings can overwhelm you and stop you working at your art, which further heightens your sense of frustration and anxiety. 

Art and creativity can feel inaccessible at times.  Often our lives are on autopilot – we do the same things, follow the same patterns and, unsurprisingly, achieve similar results each time. Or we get stuck in worry thoughts of the past, or the future. All of these can shut down creativity in different areas of our lives.

What are the aims of this course?

On this course we help you towards a mindful awareness, using art to illustrate this and as meditation.

This ability to pay attention, on purpose, to the present moment, and to be aware of our thoughts, senses, emotions, moods and how they change, helps us learn how our thoughts affect us. We can then choose where we want our focus to be, which can open up our creativity. 

We hope to show you how to become aware of and pay attention to thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, and to the possibility of behaving and responding in a different way.

About the Course

This is a series of four afternoons, in small groups.  Materials, tea and coffee are all included. There will be suggested work/practise to continue between the course days. 

The approach is relevant to nearly everyone. You may be an enthusiastic artist, or never have picked up a paintbrush before, nor have meditated.

We don’t expect you to turn up with skills.

We will encourage you towards being aware, and its possibilities within the creation of art, and in life.

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