Exploring Mindfulness in Art

We think a lot! Mindfulness allows us to become more aware of our streams of thoughts and to see how we can become entangled in them in ways that are not always helpful.  These thoughts affect our emotions and behaviour, and therefore our experience of our lives. 

This course is for anyone who has an interest in exploring mindfulness through art, and anyone seeking a way to help with anxiety through mindful art.

With mindfulness we can notice when our thoughts are taking us over and realise that some are simply old habits, no longer relevant to our present lives and often unhelpful. We can learn to notice when we are caught by them and stuck in a cycle of unhelpful brooding. This helps us notice signs of stress or anxiety earlier. As we deal with them earlier and differently to usual, we can become calmer and less triggered by life. 

Spending a lot of time in our heads can also mean we don’t notice stress signals our bodies are sending us. Mindfulness reconnects us with our bodies and its sensations. Spending less time “lost in thought” means we notice the rest of our lives more, whether it’s fully noticing the taste of our food, the feel of the ground beneath our feet, the sun on our faces, or where we parked the car!

We can start to live life with greater ease, joy and more fully.

  • Tutors, Dr Gail Louden, and Kate Measham
  • November 2,16, 23, 30
  • 10.00 – 1.00
  • £170/4 day course
  • Tea and coffee will be provided, ample parking
  • All materials provided
  • No previous experience of art or mindfulness is needed.

Doctor Louden will speak to all potential participants before the course begins.

What to expect on this course

We will be using art to help us be more aware of how our thought cycles and preconceived ideas might impact our lives, and also our ability to create art.

Over the course of 4 weeks, and with some home practice in the space between classes, we will explore the effect of mind wandering on our mood, how we can become entangled in unhelpful thoughts and how you can focus your ideas in a mindful fashion using art. The home practice will include a short practice to do daily.

Art can become part of a mindfulness practice helping you to notice and deal with the effects of anxiety more healthily.

Mindfulness can become part of your art practice by helping to release restricting thoughts and attitudes.


We will provide all materials needed for this course. It may occasionally be physical, and occasionally messy – please wear appropriate clothing.