Monday Still Life

Every Monday there will be a new still life set up for anyone who is interested in taking part. There will be a number of photographs, and from different angles. Make it your own. There are no rules

Altered Faces: Photo Montage

Images of faces are everywhere. Whether they are shared selfies or fashion stills, photos for biographies or visions of beef cattle in a county show faces are associated with characters andchartacteristics .

This exercise is a playful introduction to photo montage.

Drawing into Oil Painting – Part II

Some people in this group will have completed the Beginners Drawing into Oil Painting Course. Others will be joining without having done it. It doesn’t matter so long as you have done a bit of painting with oils this could be the class for you.

expressive drawing

Expressive Drawing

Expressive Drawing Mornings with Kate Measham Thursday, 26th March Thursday, 2nd April Thursday, 21st May Thursday, 11th June 10.00am – 1.00pm £40/person/class suitable for allRead More