Monday Still Life – 20th April

Monday Still Life – 20th April Today’s still life is the inside of one of your cupboards. It could be that awkward one under the sink, the one with NO FLOUR, the place you keep the mismatched socks, the glass cupboard, the toy cupboard. Any cupboard.

Monday Still Life

Every Monday there will be a new still life set up for anyone who is interested in taking part. There will be a number of photographs, and from different angles. Make it your own. There are no rules

spring term art courses

Drawing into Oil Painting for Beginners

BEGINNERS COURSE -This course is aimed at anyone who wants to take up art as a beginner. We will teach you that art is fun, frustrating, relaxing, exciting, sociable and contemplative: it will enhance your wellbeing, enhance your view as you look at  the world, and should give you a lifetime of pleasure.