Drawing into Oil Painting

Working at still life with Uzbeki cloth

Drawing into Oil Painting in the Studio

with Kate Measham

Covid-19 brought art classes in the studio to a halt in March. Tentatively we are adding dates for classes from July onwards. If we have to move dates for classes because of government guidelines then we will do so. We will restrict numbers in the studio to 6 students. There is ample space and we will apply strict distancing and cleansing protocols. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


  • £160/month, or £450 for three months bought in advance
  • light lunch each day during the course.

If you want to learn in a small class, with students keen to apply themselves this course is aimed at you. We will teach you that Drawing and painting are fun, frustrating, relaxing, exciting, sociable and contemplative: it will enhance your wellbeing, expand your view as you look at  the world, and should give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Proposed Course Dates

  • Thursday 16th-Friday 17th July
  • Thursday 13th-Friday 14th August
  • Thursday 10th-Friday 11th September
  • Thursday 15th-Friday 16th October (this date goes LIVE if the July date can’t happen)

From 10.00am to 4.00 pm each day. A light lunch will be included.




What will I learn?

drawing from still life
still life with antlers

Elements learnt with drawing are essential in painting practise.

The course will  include: measured drawing, expressive drawing, structure, mark making, composition, tone, texture, light, styles and approaches and use various  different materials.


All the above will be addressed in both drawing and in painting with oils.  

I am a beginner- where should I start , or how to start again as a rusty returner?

This may be a bit tricky for a total beginner with oils. There will be a beginners class in August or September so watch this space.

If you are rusty, or uncertain about certain aspects of painting then this will be a good place for you. Your tutor will guide you through the process of learning to draw and paint in a step-by-step fashion so if you are just a bit rusty this should be fine.

Drawing underpins everything we do. It is how children communicate visually, before they can write. Instictively, humans understand how to communicate – we hope to enable you to be braver, more inquisitive, and to have a go.

Everything you learn whist drawing can be translated into how you paint. Oil painting, though tricky to start with, is probably one of the most instinctive, forgiving and enjoyable ways to paint. It combines with drawing in an easy, natural way.

How will the course work?

Students will learn in a variety of ways, from still lifes, copying works of masters, drawing from life and from the imagination. You will make studies from still-lifes etc. to develop your skills of composition, draughtsmanship and modelling. We will also investigate the work of master artists to learn their techniques.

working from paintings by masters of their craft

The course will run for two consecutive days each month. This gives you time to develop new ideas and concepts.

There will be a certain amount of optional homework between classes. You will be encouraged to keep sketchbooks.

What Next?

After a few of these monthly classes you will be considerably more knowledgeable about where your interests lie. At Hampshire Art studio we can recommend courses for you to try.

Is there accommodation available? 

We can advise you about different places to stay. There is plenty of parking at the studio.

How do I purchase this course?

Please visit the shop.