Intuitive Winter Landscape Painting

This two-day course with Melanie Rose will introduce drawing and painting techniques, and inspirational landscape painters. She will guide and support the process of making intuitive winter landscape paintings using field drawings made in and around the Test Valley and the Hampshire Art studio at Tiebridge. These will inform paintings made back in the warmth of the studio. 

Students will use whatever paint and materials they are most comfortable with.

  • Tutor, Dr Melanie Rose
  • 26, 27 January 2023
  • 10.00 – 4.00
  • £236/2 days
  • Suitable for intermediate students
  • Tea and coffee readily available. Please bring your own lunch
  • Parking available

What to expect on this course

Day 1. From sketchbook to painting, the course will begin with an introduction to inspirational landscape painters followed by a short drawing demonstration before heading out into the surrounding winter landscape with sketchbooks to make reconnaissance drawings or possibly to walk, photograph, take notes and think. 

The day will progress back in the studio where there will be a painting demonstration combined with an opportunity to review and plan your painting/s.

Day 2. Will begin with a peer review where there will be an opportunity to reflect on the previous day, as well as discuss and prepare for the day ahead of painting. There will be ongoing demonstrations and one-to-one tutorials. 


Preferred drawing and painting materials including:

  • Sketchbook
  • Materials for fieldwork – wax crayon, fine liner, water-soluble graphite stick.  
  • Willow charcoal (various thickness)
  • Putty rubber
  • Ink 
  • Fixative