Material Baskets

In association with CASS ART HAMPSHIRE ART studio has organised a number of art material baskets.

As HAMPSHIRE ART studio students you will be given a 10% discount on all goods in your basket.

If you click on any of the links below they will take you to the Cass online shop where we have placed various items in the basket ready for purchase. These baskets link to the workshops and courses on offer and all materials/colours have been recommended by the tutor.

Sometimes there is a student quality paint and a professional quality version of the same colour; don’t buy both.

You can purchase only what you need, so if you don’t want an item just remove it from the basket. If you fancy anything not already in the basket feel free to add it in. 10% discount will apply to everything in the basket.

Pay CASS art in the usual way by card.

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Regular courses material baskets lists:

Oil painting                                                 click here

Drawing and life drawing                       click here

Acrylic Painting