Online Workshops

All online classes and workshops listed below will be online via zoom

See more details by clicking on the links below.

Life Drawing – every other week starting 20th January, using a number of different models

Abstract Painting with Acrylics

Beginners’ Drawing – a five week course covering the basics of drawing and reintroducing you to the thrill of creating an image with the most simple of materials

On the Shoulders of Giants – Each class looks at a painting by a well known artist. The idea is to find aspects of the composition or method that is of interest and apply it to your own work. This is not copying but building on the work of others.

Colour and Composition in Still Life with Alex Fowler NEAC – Alex will be working in oils, and using Still Lifes as a reference. From how to set up a still life, mix colours and decide on a composition to a finished piece.

Making Your Mark – This course is designed to encourage you to stretch your drawing abilities, to take risks, be inquisitive and excited by the process

Body – yoga and pilates

  • You will be provided with a ZOOM link for online classes which will give you entry into our waiting room.
  • As the class commences all students will be brought into view.
  • The same link will be used for the entire course.
  • You will be muted on entry
  • Please address questions to the tutor via chat.
  • If the tutor wishes to have a general discussion they will open it to students.
  • Discussions will only take place once the tutor is ready.

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