Lino printing kit with high quality abig lino cutters.

Design and print your own original works of art with this comprehensive and easy to use love to print lino printing kit. As a printmaker and teacher I set up love to print
a few years ago to share my love of printmaking with others. I also make a cyanotype sun printing kit and a softcut lino kit.

The kit contains Abig brand quality german made lino cutters and two types of lino (traditional grey lino and softcut cream vinyl which is easy to cut and transfer designs to.

Ideal as a gift for beginners or those who have experimented with
with lino or other print making techniques before. Would be suitable also for older
children aged from 10 upwards (with adult supervision due to cutting tools)

Attractively packaged in a brown box which measures 17 x 22 x 5cm, it makes an ideal gift.

The kit contains everything you need to get started.
Available with softcut blocks only or traditional lino only – just send me a message.

1 set of Abig lino tools – one handle with 5 cutting heads & a remover stick
1 10cm roller
2 10 x 7.5 cm test blocks (one lino/one softcut)
1 A6 (10x 15cm) approx light grey traditional lino block
1 A6 (10 x 15cm)approx softcut vinyl printing block
1 50ml tube black water based printing ink
1 piece non slip fabric
20 A5 sheets 110gsm relief printing paper
detailed instruction sheet
2 A5 sheets of tracing paper

Review Beginners lino cutting kit.

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