This video tracks a still life over time – objects are static for a time then some may be moved, others introduced and or taken away. The drawing is never the same – it should show a passage in time – you may rub our those objects that disappear or draw over the top of them. Some object will appear ghost like others more prominent. It makes for a clever and interesting picture and require concentration 

The video will be accompanied by information from

Jeanette Barnes and Edmund de Waal




  • Good quality paper. I used a hand made sheet of paper which can withstand a lot of rubbing out and moving about.
  • a mix of pencils, graphite and charcoal. For this drawing I used HB retractable (sharp) pencils, 9B, 7B and 3B drawing pencils, sometimes sharp and sometimes blunt, a graphite stick bought by mistake (I thought it was going to be water soluble but not this one).
  • A mix of rubbers. Everyone has their own favourites. I particularly like ‘atrium’ and very narrow rubbers made by Tombow
  • a stump
  • chamois leather
  • easel and a board, plus bulldog clips.


Review Time and Place ( Video).

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